Alpha 380'

Alpha 380′

The intent of this Specification and the accompanying plans is to establish a description of a luxury passenger vessel that will meet the relevant Lloyd’s Register Classification, SOLAS and IMO rules and regulations in force on the keel laying date, for passenger vessels carrying more than 36 for international voyages.
The vessel is to have an exterior finish, interior joinery works, furnishings and fittings of first class standards as a Luxury Mega Yacht.
The vessel consists of a steel hull and superstructure, except for the Wheelhouse deck, Wheelhouse superstructure, Owner’s deck superstructure and deckhouses, which will be of aluminum. It is designed to meet the relevant Lloyd’s Register Classification for one – compartment standards of subdivision, and is intended to carry passengers on “international voyages”. The vessel is to have Lloyd’s Classification 100A1 Passenger Ship, LMC, UMS. It is intended to carry for more than 32 passengers. More specifically, the vessel will offer accommodation more than 36 passengers in 18 cabins (14 doubles). She will be manned by 56 crew members. The vessel has a bulbous bow and is fitted with a double bottom with the tank top at 1.0 meters above the baseline. There are two (2) decks (tank top deck & lower deck) below the bulkhead deck, and three (3) decks (upper deck, owner’s deck & wheelhouse deck) above the bulkhead deck for a total of five (5) decks + bulkhead deck (6decks).

General Remarks:

The avant-guard distinctiveness of the above mentioned design is her two (2) side recesses situated aft (approximately 35 m from each side of the hull) which create permanent and stable boarding platforms, ideal for adverse weather conditions.
Next, there will be impressive external staircases which will run through all decks up to the Owner’s Deck. These staircases are a very imposing and extremely functional element.
The arrangement of the owner’s balconies has been made in such a way as to offer privacy and complete safety.
The heights of the decks have been allocated in such as way as to offer net heights unprecedented in this kind of vessels (Owner’s areas: 2.40 – 2.65 m, Main Saloon Dining Area: 2.40 – 2.60 m, Spa: 2.40 – 2.60 m, etc.).
Emphasis was paid on serving the Owner in all aspects (with comfort, privacy and safety).

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Length bet. Perpendiculars:
Breadth (Ref.):
Draft (Max):
Crew & Staff:

115.30 m
100.45 m
90.50 m
18.80 m
8.00 m
4.10 m
SOLAS Mega Yacht

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