Alpha Marine Ltd was founded in 1985 in Greece by its present Chairman, Mr. Nikolaos Dafnias who is a Naval Architect-Marine Engineer. Since its first steps, its main activities focused on Yachts and Passenger Vessels.

In parallel, the company was involved in designing Fishing Vessels (25 new-buildings made either in GRP or Steel), Crew Transportation Fast Boats (launches), Passenger and Passenger-Vehicle Ferries and many Catamaran and Semi-Swath Type Vessels.

At the end of the ‘80s, Alpha Marine introduced to the Greek market the concept of the “bus size, luxury, small Cruising Vessel” (accommodating 30-50 passengers). These vessels were built on quality, activity and service standards equal to those of the charter yachts which are still successfully operating in the market.

During the same period, the company designed Charter Yachts ranging from 25 to 40 meters, while at the beginning of the ’90s it undertook the overall management and turn-key execution of major refits, such as the one of M/Y “PRINCESS TANYA”, for which it was granted the Best Yacht Refit 1994 Showboats Award.

This was a turning point for Alpha Marine Ltd. It marked a shift of interest towards Mega Yachts (according to the standards of that time).

After their delivery, the company continues to monitor the vessels in all aspects of their operation (i.e.: seakeeping, engineering, hotel service etc.), so as to detect possible imperfections and thus improve future designs.

Alpha Marine perceives art the way ancient Greeks did, as the whole of actions aiming at the desired outcome, starting from the designer and ending with the craftsman. In this respect their Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and Designers (styling-interiors) cooperate closely, even from the beginning of the concept forming and preliminary design phase of the projects so as to achieve the optimal functional and aesthetic product.

The company philosophy permeating the management, staff and collaborating specialists is that there is no such notion as “impossible” to a Client’s demand.

Alpha Marine closely follows all technological developments by participating in European Research Programs, in collaboration with European Research Institutions, Polytechnic Schools, Universities, Shipyards, Factories etc.

The know-how on special technical and design parameters gained from these collaborations, such as the hydrodynamic optimization of the hulls, the seakeeping, the minimization of the waves produced by vessels (low wash), safety etc., bring on important applicable improvements.

Meanwhile, the interaction with the Academic Community creates stable collaborations during the development of new projects but it also cultivates true friendships.

The company participates in international shipbuilding congresses by presenting papers and it monitors all the important exhibitions of the specific market.

At the end of the ‘90s, Alpha Marine Ltd starts exploring the possibility of building Super Yachts complying with SOLAS regulations (i.e. having a transportation capacity for more than 12 guests). In collaboration with the unforgettable and progressive late Andreas Liveras, they designed and built the first Super SOLAS Yachts “ANNALIESSE” and “ALYSIA” (overall length: 85.30 m – transportation capacity: up to 36 guests). P/V “ALYSIA” was presented with the “Trendsetter Yacht” award in the 2006 Showboats Competition.

The company has collaborated with important designers in the field (except for the in-house productions), such as Yutaka Jojima, Dante Benini, Luiz de Basto, Haris Stylianou, Lally Poulias etc.

This makes a rich and beautiful harvest: over 70 projects in the company’s life-span, out of which 9 new Yachts, 16 major Yacht Refits, 7 new big Passenger and Passenger-Vehicle Vessels, 4 major Refits of small Cruising Vessels etc.

Alpha Marine Ltd also offers Yacht Management Services (ISM, ISPS, Technical Support, Crew-Hotel Management etc.) and also ISM, ISPS Management and Technical Support to many Shipping Companies.

Keeping an eye on the future, besides having developed complete designs for 1 MCA Motor Yacht (Alpha 140′) and 5 Super SOLAS Yachts (Alpha 250′, Alpha 295′, Alpha 330′, Alpha 350′ and Alpha 380′). Alpha Marine also investigates environmental protection technologies (clean and green design) aiming at reducing the power consumption and gas emissions and consequently the fuel requirements, but also to use alternative energy sources.