New buildings & conversions

New buildings & conversions

Yacht Design has been Alpha Marine’s first and major field. Completed designs up to date include a considerable number of new-buildings and numerous conversions covering a wide range of ship types such as Yachts, Mega Yachts, SOLAS Super Yachts, Passenger Vessels, Ro–Ro Ferries, etc.

The fact remains that the yacht is first and foremost a vessel and as such there are many technical points that are of equal or superior importance when designing one:

  • Its hydrodynamic behavior
  • The optimization of speed using a minimum of power (consumption)
  • Its sea-keeping stability
  • Compliance with safety regulations, (comfort and safety)

Further considerations include use of new technology and novel materials, the minimization of wave generation (for fast vessels in particular), the weight minimization, the air emission minimization and the protection of the SEA.

For this reason, we feel that the key to the success of any project is the collaboration between the Designers and the Naval Architects – Marine Engineers right from the beginning and we, at Alpha Marine, strictly follow this design strategy, whether the styling and the interior design are done in-house or not.

In order to characterize a yacht today not simply as successful but as unique, it must combine brilliant outside styling and interior design, with the implementation of advanced technology, optimum hydrodynamic and sea keeping behavior and environmental conscience.

In short, we design the “whole” project not just “part” of it.