How We Do Things

Our primary objective is customer satisfaction. Project-wise our strategy is to holistically meet our clients requirements by treating each project as integral unit from Concept Design, Preliminary Design and Feasibility, Structural Design, Building to Testing and Operation. Our experience proved that the cross-fertilization of feedbacks from all unit-services enable us to develop, evolve and change rapidly.

We maintain the same approach for the services we provide (Operations Management, Technical Management, Safety Management) to our customers.
The importance of human relations is imbedded in our corporate culture. With our clients, within our organisation and with our associates we preserve sincere, transparent and trustworthy relations. Our practice is to “share”.

Our workforce consists of Architects, Naval Architects and Marine Engineers with acute knowledge on their respective fields, committed to their work, passionate, loyal, innovative and resourceful.

We welcome the “change” every day, we do not stick to the old “tricks”, instead, we are trying to find new ones. The knowledge of tomorrow’s needs combined with the past experience leads our ways. We launched the new hybrid of yachts, the SOLAS Yachts, a totally new concept in terms of construction, management and operations. We have introduced diesel/electric/azipod and Voith Schneider propulsion to our new designs; a scheme that will prove to be the best for professional owners.

We see the vessels as assets. We infuse value to our projects and we do not ask our clients to pay high premiums. This is another “change” we brought to the industry: We proved that value is not expensive (and high price does not ensure value). Our clientele consists mainly of successful businessmen and professional operators. Those people are successful because they “see value” with their minds and not with their eyes. We talk the same language and we help them to acquire or build vessels that will prove to be assets and not liabilities, bearing in mind at the same time, that yachting is not just business but also lifestyle.

Alpha Marine is open to cooperation and synergies. We believe that a win-win approach is the key to every success.
Behind every business and every project there are people and families. We conduct our operations with that in mind. We do not protect ourselves wearing ties, suits and cold smiles. We are open, friendly and sincere.
Finally, everything we do is fuelled with passion. This is the core element behind every operation.

Corporate Culture

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Human Relations first – Communication
  • Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Innovation, Creativity and encouragement to Change
  • Continuous Development
  • Employee Dedication and Fulfillment
  • Global Thinking

Action Philosophy

  • We welcome Changes – Courage
  • We welcome Challenges – Challenge
  • We are Dedicated – Commitment
  • We Share – Communication


To fulfill the dreams of our customers by offering comprehensive services. To continuously develop ourselves, our communication and professional skills. To bring happiness to our customers and employees and their families. To enhance the affection of people to the Sea-world and Nature, in general to enjoy the projects.

Key Management Characteristics

  • Clear market orientation
  • People-centric management
  • Business-centric and not product-centric strategy
  • Processes that are disciplined, flexible and measurable
  • Explicit information management strategy that recognizes and supports the need for technical and business integration
  • “Big-picture” workforce
  • Emphasis on Personnel education and training – Invest in people’s personal and professional development
  • Excellent relations with the environment players – Classes, Flags, Contractors etc
  • International Clientele
  • Expansion to new markets
  • Flexible entrepreneurial spirit on all aspects
  • Modern managerial practices
  • Robust Design, Engineering and Production
  • Acute yacht expertise
  • Industrialization of the production – Supply chain, key supplier partnerships, outsourcing